How long have I been away? So just like that we have come to April 2017?Ok now…..anyway I have been veeeerrry busy and my schedule had me thinking I might just as well delete my WordPress account but my encounter with a new friend(I’ll call her “L”) had me doing a reboot and I must say I am sure of what direction I wanna go with this now.

Now to what I’ve been up to in the kitchen? A whole lot! I’m going to share one of such kitchen adventures here. It’s now a given that Shoprite has spread it’s tentacles to my neck of the woods in Asaba Delta State and being the meat lover that I am I gave their meat shop a trial.

One thing I came away with was the need to improve on my meat cooking repertoire and my first step was to look at my marinading method and recipes, so I decided to give grilling a try and put our own Nigerian traditional yaji spice to the test, the result? Not bad taste-wise but considering that the meat I used was not the traditional “ogbologbo”(old chicken) that we traditionally get in the open market; I found the grilled chicken a bit too dry and tough.

Finally my searchlight fell on the Argentine chimmichuri which is a green sauce for grills in that part of the world and thought why not bring the two together ?Yeah yaji and Chimmichuri ….are you thinking “no way”? Well “yes way”! I did it ; and the result was so delicious and juicy>I believe I  must have screamed Eureka! about then😁<So there you have it: my kitchen adventures. The pictures below attest to the fact that the Umami Eureka Marinade is something you must try for your Easter cooking. Recipe will be shared in the next post. For now guys ogle on the pics ok? See you in a bit!!