Behind the Scenes, My Food Photography Set-Up

Nothing good comes easy. As I have learnt this short time of writing my own personal blog post, the job of any food blog is not only to write about those mouth watering meals but also to put up pictures that tells our story VERY explicitly (note the VERY). I mean this is one aspect of journalism where no one warns that ” the images you are about to see are very graphic” So the more graphic (or is it graphicer? Any word like that?) the better.
So here I was with this new post 2 weeks after umami flavours blog started and then came the pictures which looked all blurry, crummy and just not so good which made me trash the post. 3 days later I stumbled upon this writing from and I was like ” where have you been all my short blogging life?”
Now I know better and seriously need to get it right.