Exquisite Oha Soup.

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Hello there beautiful….. My sentiments when I sight a bowl of this wonderful soup. It invokes nostalgic memories of my university days in the Eastern heartland of Nigeria. Being from the Niger Delta State where Banga and Owho soup has been wedded to starch by the “gods of food” since “before, before ” like we used to pique as kids, Oha soup became the closest thing to Banga for me those days.
However years passed and I left the Eastern heartland but not without the recipe for the soup which my friend’s landlady was gracious enough to give me. So today I share same with you .
The flavours of the soup are an intertwining of the  Oha leaves and palmnut juice that nothing else compares to and when combined with any swallow of choice it is a Nigerian meal  of choice I tell you.


500ml of palmfruit juice
2 medium sized bunches of Oha leaves.
1/2kg beef.
2 whole dried catfish /any good dried fish.
3slices of dried stock fish(panla)
4cubes of knorr seasoning cubes.
1cooking spoonful Grounded dried crayfish .
1 small lump of locust bean seasoning
Salt and pepper (to taste).
1 medium sized bulb of onion.
5_6 bulbs of boiled cocoyams
Season beef with 2 knorr cubes and the sliced bulb of onion.
Boil beef till tender then add washed dried cat and stock fish and simmer further till softened.
Add palmfruit juice to pot and continue simmer for about 10 minutes.
Add crayfish, dried pepper and remaining stock cube and bring contents of the pot to a boil.
While soup boils prepare the thickener by pounding the boiled cocoyams into paste.
Shred the Oha leaves with hands (a note of caution here Never ever use knives on the leaves!)
Add the cocoyam paste to the pot and simmer for a few minutes then add the shredded Oha leaves and turn off heat cover the pot and allow the steam cook the veggies. This gives the leaves a crunchy taste.

Voila! soup is ready ;serve with Semo, Eba or any other swallow of choice. Enjoy!  šŸ‘